Falls Creek

A premier venue for the premier race

Race Date

February 4th

Race Venue

The Falls Creek Resort is located in the Alpine National Park in the Victorian Alps and lies between an elevation of 1,210 and 1,830 m.

For the final round we different courses for Start Group 1 and Start Group 2.
The first start group has a nice compact course of 5.5km and 180m vertical.  Incorporating the flow descent, last part of Jump Start climb and then lake view to the finish its got something for everybody.
Come Start group 2 and things are going UP!  An extra 1km is added up to Cloud 9 chair lift meaning this group will ride nearly the full Flow Decent.   With 300m of elevation per lap winners will be earning their points on this day!

Course Map

Course Practice is available from 3pm Saturday to 7:30am Sunday 

Venue Amenities
  • Coffee
  • Drinking Water
  • Parking (Follow Signs)
  • Toilets