Sunday the 28th of February 2021


Falls Creek

Race Details:

Race Categories

 Race start is 9:30am For all Groups.

Starts will be staggered in the normal groups but with a new order. Elite first and then going down  Expect approx. 5 mins between start groups


Due to the length of the course, remoteness of some parts and the length of the climb in the middle for safety we cannot offer an Under 13 category.  Thus the Under 13 Series will be wrapped up on Saturday.
If you feel your U13 child wants to race and you feel they can please contact us.
We will ask that you have a rider (adult) to be with your child, or close by for the whole race and they can then enter U15.  But only at request and chat with us first.

For all other race format, scheduling and rules please refer to the series format page or the frequently asked questions page

Course Information:

This Sunday event will be very special course. One big loop taking in the very best of Falls Creeks trails including Flow Town!
Approximately 25kms long.

Start order for SUNDAY only

Sunday Start Times

9:30am start time
2E-Bike – E-Bike Open
2A – Elite Men, Under 19 Men
2B – Masters 1/2 Men, Masters 3/4 Men
2C – Open Men, Elite Women, Under 19 Women1A – Under 17 Men, Under 15s Men
1B – Masters 5/6 Men, Masters 7+ Men
1C – Open Women, Masters 1/2 Women, Masters 3/4 Women,
Masters 5/6 Women, Masters 7+ Women, Under 17 Women
1D – Under 15 Women, Under 13 Men / Women, Recreation Class

There will be approx. 3—5mins between each start group to allow for space in single track

Venue Amenities:

Change rooms with showers
Water Tap