Q: I was just wondering what age group I am? My birthday is in March and I will be 14 for all the races.

A: Because you turn 15 before the end of next year you will have to race in the Under 17 Category.
I know that is confusing however it is because AusCycling aligns with the UCI.  AusCycling’s calendar is for qualifying for the Australian Team to compete in the World Championships that would be later next year.  Thus you have to compete in the age category that you would have to compete in at World Championships even if you have no intent of doing so.

Q: When does my race start?

A: This will depend on what category you are entered in.
If you are in any of the Junior Categories (except for Under 19 Men), any of the Womens Categories (except Elite Women), or recreational class then your race start time is 9:00am
For all other categories the race start time is 10:45am

Q: I’m one of those casual types and want to just enter on the day. Is this possible?

A: Hey that’d be great to have along, we understand that sometimes plans need to be made at short notice. A such there are on the day entries available for all of the rounds. The fee for these are $60 for all senior categories and $45 for any junior Categories (Under 17 and below). There is no further charge if you are an AusCycling member but if you require a day license then there is an extra charge for that also.

Q: I’m new to MTB and I’m not familar with the tracks at the races. Do you know if there is a chance to ride the course in morning of the race day?

A: Yes the courses are marked and we highly recommend that you ride a practice lap prior to your race start to ensure track familiarity.  It also gives you the chance to practice any technical elements on the track not under race pressure.